It is sad to say that the Hajj Policy for 2014 hasn’t been announced, though the process was almost completed last year. It is very difficult for pilgrims to get the application forms it is as difficult as crossing the Himalayas. When the policy is announced late, the whole process is delayed, causing problems for the people.

In India, the process of receiving forms for Hajj has almost been completed while we are still waiting for the policy? According to the new policy, there would be only one category of accommodation for all intending pilgrims, that for 3600 riyals. This seems very steep for the poor masses of Pakistan (who generally go) for Hajj. The government officials and the elite go in private planes and on state expense, while the rising cost of accommodation, in Saudi Arabia and the costly tickets can be subsidized as Nawaz Sharif has such good relations with the Saudi government.

The Hajj committee of India, which is a Hindu country, gives the same facilities to the pilgrim at a lower cost. The Government should give relief on ‘Hajj Package’ so that every Pakistani can perform Hajj and come back as better human beings.


Karachi, April 2.