ISLAMABAD - President Balochistan National Party (M) Sardar Akhtar Mengal called on Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in Islamabad on Thursday and discussed Balochistan 's situation.
Officials in the Prime Minister's House confirmed the meeting wherein the issues concerning the province came under discussion and steps Baloch nationalists wanted on part of the Federal Government to bring improvement in the troubled areas of the province.
INP adds: Sources said political situation of the country and other current matters also came under discussion during the meeting.  The prime minister said that government was committed to bring Baloch people into the mainstream and take them along.
He said it was priority of the PML-N government to develop Balochistan and address the grievances of the Baloch people providing them all basic facilities. He said the PML-N government, despite having majority in Balochistan , gave the chief ministership to another party.
Nawaz hoped that senior politician Akhtar Mengal would play his role for improvement of Balochistan situation. He appreciated that Mengal restored interest in the political affairs of the country and assured that the government would do whatever possible to address the sense of deprivation of the Baloch people.
Meanwhile, talking to a private news channel, Mengal said there was no change in Balochistan despite assurances of the government. The BNP-M chief said in his meeting with the prime minister, he discussed problems of the province.
Despite the promises of the government no steps were being taken for restoration of peace in the province, Mengal said. 
He said earlier the people were finding a few dead bodies but now the mass graves were being discovered. Mengal said despite all that no culprit had been brought to justice.  Mengal said he had held talks with the prime minister over the problems of Balochistan and the promises and assurances made by him. 
"We are democratic people. Don't close the doors of politics and democratic path on us," Mengal emphatically said.