None Government Organizations (NGO) are an integral part of all under developed countries but they cannot replace the government’ role or its machinery. There are many NGOs working in Pakistan but are they really helping or not is another question. I know many NGOs are working in Thar but they made no difference or if they did it was negligible. There are many surveys done by UNO and WHO and we keep getting these reports but actually what has been done is never reflected by these reports. I think that these are more agents of other countries, here to keep an eye on us and use NGO as an umbrella.

All the NGOs have one thing in common, their headquarter are in Islamabad, they have luxurious offices with a range of electronic devices, computers, laptops and files full of data with all the statistics giving exaggerated figures of deaths, malnutrition, poverty, illnesses but do not give information about what they have done. It would be appropriate to review their role. I would suggest that under certain regulations every NGO should be made to work in the area of need like Thar and many other less privileged areas elsewhere and they should be asked to share their results.


Kurram Agency, March 27.