PESHAWAR - A 10-year-old boy was killed and four others were wounded when an explosive apparently hidden inside a toy they were playing with detonated in Nowshehra on Thursday, police said.
The incident took place in Khaki, a suburb of Nowshera town in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where many Afghan refugees are settled.
“Up to six children were playing with a toy that they had found from the garbage they collected from nearby areas when it exploded, killing the boy and wounding four other children,” senior local police official Khurram Rasheed told AFP.
Another local police official, Saeed Ullah confirmed the incident, and said the boy who was killed in the blast was Afghan.
Dozens of children, mostly in the insurgency-hit northwestern Pakistan, have lost their lives in the past when playing with “toys” that turned out to be bombs.
Troops have been fighting for years against homegrown insurgents in several northwestern cities and the tribal belt, which Washington considers the main hub of Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants plotting attacks on the West and in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, police arrested three suspected militants from Badaber area of Peshawar, whereas weapons were also recovered from the car.  Police stopped a car at Badaber, entering the city from tribal areas. The police seized 50 pistols, 35 Repeater and over 50,000 bullets.