Under the Nation Action Plan, police and intelligence conducted search operations, police took in custody about 83,778 suspects for interrogation in separate search operations here.

In Khanewal, 869 search operations were conducted with the arrest of 83,747 suspects while huge quantity of drugs and illegal arms were recovered during these operations, a police officer said during a press conference.

Like other districts of the country, search operations are being conducted in Khanewal to make National Action Plan successful. As many as 869 search operations and bio metric searching of thousands of houses were conducted. During these operations, 148 cases of drug dealing and illegal weapons were also registered. During different general hold-ups in the district, 8,914 motor cycles were taken under police possession and under the vehicle act cases were registered for 564 cars

In Sargodha, six suspected persons were arrested for interrogation. SP Investigation Bilal Iftikhar in a separate press conference said that under the directions of District Police Officer, a police team conducted raids in Satellite Town and village 40/NB. Police recovered 1 Kalashnikov, 2 rifles, one repeater, a gun 12-bore, 4 pistols, eight magazines of rifle 444 and 37 6 bullets and cartridges. The suspects were identified as Fiaz Cheema, Sikandar, Zahid, Javed, Munir and Arshad.

The SP added that further interrogation is in process. He said that search operations would continue on daily basis to make Sargodha crime free.

Likewise, Kamalia police and intelligence agencies conducted raids and checked documents of more than 40 people including students. The Saddr Police along with a team of intelligence agencies checked the ID cards and documents of more than 25 persons living at Mauza “Khan-Da-Chak”, a suburban village of Kamalia.

In another similar raid, SHO City Police Station Kamalia Chaudhry Nadeem along with team of intelligence agencies checked the ID cards and documents of more than 15 students of a Madrasa located at Mohallah Mohab Ali Shah of Kamalia City while no person was arrested.

In Okara, The law enforcement agencies (LEAs) personnel arrested 25 suspects including a woman besides recovering huge quantity of weapons here on Sunday.

The Okara district police officer said that the police along with other LEAs personnel conducted joint operation against outlaws in Balochanwali and surrounding areas.

During the operation, 25 suspects including a woman were arrested. Huge of arms including Kalashnikovs, pistols, SMGs, LMGs, repeaters and thousands of rounds were also recovered.

The detainees were shifted to an undisclosed location for further investigation.