WASHINGTON : An armed anti-Muslim protest outside the Nation of Islam Mosque in the US state of Texas backfired when the local community members countered with a big show of support for their faith.

Anti-Muslim demonstrators, dressed in fatigues and masks and most of them armed, were easily outnumbered approximately 10 to 1 by the mosque supporters, some of whom were also armed, according to media reports.

The anti-Muslim demonstration by a mostly white group was held on Saturday. Hundreds of South Dallas residents, mostly black, marched along Martin Luther King Boulevard to oppose the anti-Muslim demonstrators.

Dozens of police officers stood in between the two groups, trying to maintain security. Some officers were also stationed on rooftops.

No violence or arrests were reported. ‘It’s a people’s victory here in South Dallas today,’ said Yafeuh Balogun of the Huey P Newton Gun Club, named for the founder of the original Black Panther Party.

‘This is what they fear - the black man,’ said activist Olinka Green. ‘This is what America fears.’ Last week, Krystal Muhammad of the New Black Panther Party told Fox4 that they ’won’t allow anybody to come in and try to intimidate our brothers and sisters.’