Islamabad - Awareness campaigns and advanced medical facilities are required to check communicable diseases in the country.

Medical expert at Islamabad Diagnostic Centre, Dr Rizwan Uppal said the ratio of communicable diseases is increasing in the country with the passage of time like other parts of the world. The communicable diseases, he said, are those which spread and mainly include influenza, swine flu, diarrhea, dengue, hepatitis A and B, tuberculosis, HIV etc. Talking to APP, he said the other countries follow proper mechanism to control these diseases by keeping such patients at isolated place in the hospitals and maintaining cleanliness to control the spread of virus to the other patients.

Special awareness seminars and campaigns are also arranged to keep people aware about the precautionary measures to prevent from such diseases, Dr Rizwan said.

The societal approaches to control the communicable diseases include safe water and food laws, provision of free immunization through public health departments, enactment and enforcement of school immunization requirements, isolation of individuals with communicable diseases to prevent transmission of such diseases to others.

Another medical expert, Dr Khurram from Polyclinic Hospital said there are two types of communicable diseases; one is viral and other is bacterial. He said the bacterial diseases are more dangerous and cause more deaths among the patients especially children.

Dr Khurram said the ratio of communicable diseases is increasing in the country and the reasons are multiple. Lack of awareness, improper health facilities, inaccessibility to the health centres for vaccination of children and different myths and misconceptions associated with these immunizations, he said.

Communicable diseases still take a heavy toll in burden of diseases and are likely to rise further with rapid urbanization, food insecurity, poor dietary habits, environmental dangers, lack of access to safe drinking water and illiteracy according to different surveys.

The UK based Pakistan Physician Shazia Siddique said public awareness, science and research, implicating programmes and vaccination is necessary to control the spread of communicable diseases. She said Hepatitis is one of critical disease among all and it can spread using used needles, sharing razor blades and tooth brushes, from mother to child during birth etc.

Hepatitis B virus infects 1 in 3 person globally and it is the major cause of liver cancer, she said. Communicable diseases spread from one person to another or from an animal to human being e.g. from airborne viruses or bacteria and also from blood and body fluids.