Pakistan is known as one of the Islamic countries, but unfortunately such evils realms are being applied which Islam does not allow even prohibit. We, as Muslims fail to grasp what our ‘PBUH’ has left gorgeous words for us, but really we are pursuing the words of our ‘PBUH. No, in Islam wine is desperately taboo, but what is unfortunate it is being openly sold in every cranny of our country which is dooming our young generation lives since which is grounding extremism, child abuse, robbing, honour killing and many more pathetic evils are occurring. As once I was watching a news channel where a host was surveying to the victim houses where teenage were involved such horrible acts as some were students who encompassed themselves. If today we don’t terminate wine from our country, tomorrow we can not keep expectations for new generation.

I urge to the all authorities concerned to strive hard in order to evade wine from beautiful Pakistan.


Turbat, March 5.