Disney cartoons are like fairy worlds where each character has their own unbelievable stories full of adventures and magic.

1. Hercules is first cousins once removed with Ariel

According to the plot of these cartoons, Ariel is a daughter of King Triton, and Hercules is a son of Zeus. King Triton is Poseidon’s son, who is according to Greek mythology the brother of Zeus. This makes Hercules and Ariel relatives.

2. Belle’s favorite book is ’’Aladdin’’

’’Well it’s my favorite: far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise! Here’s where she meets Prince Charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him till chapter three!’’ sings Belle. It’s just like Aladdin’s description: at first, he saves Princess Jasmine from the guard, then, with the help of magic, hides his poor origin under the guise of a prince.

3. Andy’s mom is the real owner of Jessie.

Andy’s hat in the first movie looks exactly like the hat of Jessie The Yodeling Cowgirl in the cartoon Toy Story 2. Moreover, Jessie’s first owner has the same hat. But how did Andy get this hat? Seems like Mrs. Davis, Andy’s mother, gave this hat to her son. This means that the mother of the main character of Toy Story is the first owner of Jessie.

4. Captain Hook killed Ariel’s mom.

One of the mermaids, Peter Pan’s friend, looks just like Ariel’s mother, Athena, who had the same fiery red hair and emerald tail. The mermaids from ’’Peter Pan’’ were afraid of Captain Hook most of all. In the second movie about Ariel, we find out that a malicious pirate killed Athena. So, we can assume that Captain Hook killed Ariel’s mother.

5. Jane in ’’Tarzan’’ is Beauty and Beast’s granddaughter.

They look alike, they both like the color yellow color and they can get along with ’’ill-mannered’’ men. Jane treats Tarzan with the same kindness and patience Bell shows towards Beast. You still don’t believe us? In the expedition, Jane has a tea set, which is the same as the set from ’’Beauty and the Beast.’’