Islamabad - Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) is the 1st Distribution Company which utilized the alternative power generating resources through Net Metering system.

Under the Net Metering system IESCO customers can produce electricity through alternative sources and sell extra electricity to IESCO, Chief Executive IESCO Rana Abdul Jabbar said here yesterday.

Giving the detail the Chief Executive IESCO said that the company’s valued customers can play their role for reduction of load shedding in the Country by utilizing Net Metering policy. He said that IESCO has installed the first Net Metering system at Parliament House which generates electricity by installation of one Mega Watt solar power plant and now Pakistan’s Parliament declared the first Parliament among the others which utilized Net Metering System. He further said that after the successful launching of Net Metering System in Parliament House several Organizations as well as customers approached in this regard for installation of solar panels in different areas of the region. Moreover by the cooperation of “REAP” installation of solar panel in IESCO head office has been furnished and its inauguration ceremony will be held soon in the presence of all stick holders. IESCO officials are given special training in this regard.

An another press statement issued by IESCO the spokesman said that Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) apprehended 157 electricity thieves in different areas of the company’s service Region.

According to the details, 46 culprits were caught red handed from Islamabad Circle, 40 from Rawalpindi Circle, 11 from Attock Circle, 23 from Jhelum Circle, and 37 from Chakwal Circle.

All culprits were found involved in power theft through direct line (Kunda System), Meter Tempering and Bogus Meter. IESCO has lodged applications against power thieves under the new electricity (Amendment) Act. IESCO is committed to crack down power theft across IESCO region and requested its customers to inform power theft on IESCO’s new Roshni 8398 sms service.