A young Iqrarul Hassan, an anchor, and one of the most talented TV hosts deserves highest respect, honor and praise for exposing great evils infesting the country. Evils like manufacturing fake cooking oils to ghee to mobile oils to exposing fake peers, and aamils to corruption in police to dishonoring and blackmailing innocents by cheats in their so-called business of detecting crimes with the so-called detective dogs have, only to list a few evils, been exposed in his TV program, Sar e Aam.

If it all a person deserved awards, and standing ovation, this young man should have been the first choice from Pakistan but surprisingly, and strangely the ones, who make a mountain out of molehill, by highlighting unimportant, and rarely-occurring evils as the most widespread and common ones are gifted with awards and rewards. We as a nation are to make our own heroes, and heroines for their true services to us.

Are we so simple in the eyes of the ‘friends’, who paint hollow figures as heroes, and heroines by attributing qualities to them via media, books, and advertisements? Most of the intellectuals know that a certain book has been written by a foreign journalist, and that the high idiomatic and most accurate standards of English used in the book is not the English of the ‘heroine’, yet for most of us that is her book, and that she is our ‘heroine’, and maybe the next prime minister of Pakistan as she desires to be one in future. Let us know, understand, honor, and award the ones who put in services for the nation. Iqarul Hassan is one of them, who deserves Oscar, if not, some national award.


Charsadda, March 6.