Effluent and plumes of smoke being omitted from flour mills and cloth factories located in the city are polluting the environment as well as affecting the health of the workers and common people who live near these factories.

These mills lack water treatment plant. No action is being taken against the factories causing pollution nor they are forced to install water treatment plants by the authorities. Because of increase in environmental pollution, there is an increase in asthma, lung diseases as well as throat and eye infection. These mills and factories leave out untreated poisonous chemicals in the public drains of the residential areas. Untreated water pollutes the sub-terrain water resources causing gastro and other stomach diseases to the public.

Dangerous smoke and poisonous materials pollute the environment. It is impossible to pass through these factory areas. Health of the people especially children is at risk in these areas.

Social circles of the city have appealed to the government high-ups to strict action against the mills owners who have not installed water treatment plants. Toba Tek Singh DCO Amir Ijaz Akbar said that action will be taken against these factories for polluting the environment.