Islamabad - Non-displaying of rate lists by fruit and vegetable vendors in the federal capital has further increased miseries of inflation-hit citizens as hiked prices are being charged in general markets.

The vendors in different markets are bound to display price lists but majority of them don’t follow the directives of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration in this regard. Probably, there is negligence on the part of administration too, which must have put a constant check over the vendors.

When contacted citizens said the vendors who did not display price lists had intentions to get more profit resulting in inflation. They said, although, the government was making strenuous efforts to control inflation which can be witnessed in some markets where vendors display the ICT approved rate list, but ensuring the implementation of price list across the capital was also necessary.

The citizens complained that they often face harsh words by vendors when inquired about the price lists. They said the department concerned was in deep slumber and not taking action against the violators.

During a survey conducted by this scribe in various areas of the city including Abpara Market, G-9 Karachi Company, F-6 Supper Market, G-8 Markaz, Sittara Market G-7 and sector I-8, and a major difference was noted in prices mentioned in the approved list and the rates on which the eatables were being sold.

For instance, the actual price of Potato was Rs. 18 per kilogram but it was being sold at Rs 25-30 per kg. Similarly, the market price of onion was Rs 40 per kg but being sold at Rs 50, tomato Rs 55 but being sold at Rs 70 per kilogram, actual rate of ginger was Rs 95 but being sold at Rs 115 and garlic being sold at Rs 200 per kg while its market price was Rs 170.

Likewise, the actual price of lady finger was Rs 120 but being charged Rs 140 per kg, pumpkin Rs 45 but being sold at Rs 55, brinjal Rs 44 but being sold at Rs 55, peas 70 but being charged Rs 85-90, tanda walaiti Rs 44 but being charged Rs 55-60, cucumber Rs 30 but being sold at Rs 40-45, green chilli Rs 75 but being charged Rs 90-100, cauliflower Rs 35 but being charged Rs 45 and market price of bitter gourd was Rs 87 but being charged Rs 100-110 against per kilogram.

Similarly, the actual price of Apple (Kala Kulo) was Rs 100-122 per kilogram but being sold against Rs 150-160, Apple Golden Rs 90 but being sold against Rs. 120-130 by vendors, apple white Rs 80 but customers were being charged Rs 100-110, banana Pakistani Rs 80 but being sold against Rs 120, banana Indian Rs 175 but being received Rs 200-220 per dozen, orange (kino special) Rs. 154 but being sold at Rs 200-250, guava Rs 115 but being charged Rs 150, strawberry Rs. 170 but being charged B Rs 250 and market rate of melon was Rs 44-56 but being sold against Rs 80-100 per kilogram in various localities.

Adnan, who set up a fruit and vegetables shop on the ground floor of Baba G Restaurant at Aabpara Market admitted that he was charging extra prices to the citizens, claiming they were offering high quality eatable items. He said he was not used to display the price list issued by Market Committee Islamabad. He claimed that the authority concerned was incapable to set prices of fruit and vegetables as per their quality.

Bilal, another fruit vendor at G-7 Sitara Market said he was not daily provided the rate list by the authority concerned. He said he had to pay the rent of his stall and it was difficult for him to follow the price list.

When contacted Additional Deputy Commissioner General (ADCG) Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Abdul Sattar Isani said the district administration was planning to launch a comprehensive crackdown against the violators and ensure display of price lists at shops. He said no one would be allowed to charge extra money against eatable items and public complaints would be entertained urgently in this regard.