ISLAMABAD - Owing to their political compulsions and converging interests Pakistan People’s Party and Muttahida Qoumi Movement are once again inching towards yet another political alliance for which efforts from both sides have been initiated, reliable sources aware of the development informed The Nation yesterday.

Ostensibly the MQM delegation meeting with Chief Minister Sindh under the leadership of its Parliamentary Leader in National Assembly Dr. Farooq Sattar the other day was to record the party’s concern over the unwarranted arrest of their workers and activists from Karachi and other major cities of the province, but actually in the meeting both the sides discussed the modalities of entering into a political alliance.

The sources in PPP informed that in the changing political landscape particularly that of Sindh province the provincial government once again needs the support of MQM in effective handling of the things.

These sources said that by wooing MQM back into political alliance would help the government to effectively tackle the Grand Democratic Alliance, comprising mainly the nationalist parties of the province, or at least they (rulers) would not let MQM become part of the alliance against the provincial government.

At the same time PPP was also upping the ante against the ruling PML-N at centre for which the support of MQM would play a vital role in putting the Nawaz-led government on its knees.

These sources further said that the hostile line taken by the PPP stalwarts, even those having dovish tendency, explicitly indicated the position PPP would be taking against Nawaz-led federal government in coming days both within and outside the Parliament.

The sources in the PPP said that the party leadership considered that in the given situation when the religious parties are ganging up against the government, the alliance between PPP and MQM would play a vital role in blocking the government from doing some highly controversial and anti-workers legislation like privatisation of the national flag-career, which was blocked by the joint opposition.

These sources further said that joined by MQM, PPP would play a very effective role of opposition in the Parliament and would block the way of ruling PML-N from taking unilateral decisions about the fate and future of the country.

At provincial level the MQM support would further help PPP in having some advantage in the formation of the local bodies’ set-up in Sindh, particularly the port city of Karachi, besides compelling MQM to lower its demands for getting maximum financial and administrative powers for the basic tier of governance.

On the other hand MQM is also pushed to the wall on many a pretext, with Mustafa Kamal and company landing in the port city of Karachi with a big bang and obviously with some unseen support from ‘power corridors,’ and under the constant onslaught from all around, also needed a breathing space. So in the given situation entering into some sort of political alliance with the PPP would be beneficial to the party in overcoming the huge challenges it(party) is confronted with, Parliamentary sources said.

On the other hand, ruling PML-N was also keeping MQM at promises and not ready to give even face saving to the MQM Parliamentarians who had withdrawn their resignations on the persuasion of the ruling PML-N leadership.

The PML-N leadership had pledged to the MQM leadership that a grievance redressal committee would be formed to look into the complaints of MQM regarding the arrest of their party leaders and activists in port city of Karachi but till to-date the said committee, though formed, is dysfunctional and could not hold even a single meeting what to speak of taking up the concerns of MQM over the arrest of their innocent workers and leaders, the sources in MQM said.

These sources though did not confirm MQM once again entering into a political alliance with PPP, but at the same time also not ruled it out saying that in politics anything can happen anytime and for the sake of democracy and interests of the party and its workers MQM could enter into alliance with PPP.