Islamabad: The Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Ch. Abdul Majeed has said that Pakistan People's Party will not let anyone steal peoples mandate, in forthcoming general elections.

According to media reports, while addressing a reception ceremony he said that said that people always showed full confidence in PPP leadership and stood up with the party's policies.

People's Party government has won the public trust by implementing its people's friendly policies. He said that opposition could not digest the government mega developmental projects in AJK and now they (opposition) dreaming of stealing the upcoming elections in Azad Kashmir.

"People of Azad Kashmir are well aware of opposition's tactics of making them fool for their vested interests," he added. "Free and fair elections is basic right of the people of the AJK and PPP will ensure the protection of people's basic right," he made it clear.

The Premier further said that to establish three medical colleges, five universities beside one medical university in short period of time were big achievement of the PPP government, as compared to build a single medical college in past sixty years.

"The opposition is trying to safe her face by criticism on government performance," he added. The Premier urged the party workers to keep on serving people.