By:  Raazia Syed

Man is a social animal; he cannot live without his fellows and for a better relationship we need to improve our conversational skills. Dear youngsters language is a source of expressions and through it we can better convey our messages to our loved ones.

According to the recent report, published in The Washington Post there are 12 major or prominent languages that are spoken in the whole world. Chinese and English are the most popular languages amongst them as you know that English is an international language and the language of science and technology. English is an official language of 53 countries of the world.  Now we talk about the number of speakers of different languages, One billion three hundred and ninety million people speak Chinese and 58 crore and 50 lac express their feelings in Urdu and Hindi.

Pakistan established its first language institute in 1970 named “NUML” and it has been upgraded on 29th May, 2000.  Here in this university (National University of Modern Languages) 27, Eastern and western languages are being taught by highly qualified teachers and professors.

Language learning is so important in this modern era because we learn not only language but also come to know about other cultures and civilizations. We get more knowledge and gain rich confidence .So dear buddies reduce communication Gap and learn at least one language moreover don’t feel shy to speak your maternal language.

Published in Young Nation magazine on April 2, 2016