6. As to those who reject Faith, It is

the same to them

Wether thou warn them

Or do not warn them

They will not believe

7. Allah hath set a seal

On their hearts and on their hearing,

And on their eyes is a veil;

Great is the penalty they (incur). Surah Al-Baqrah

(Translation by Abdullah Yousaf Ali)

The above clear verses teach us that those who deliberately deny faith or facts of life there is a seal set on their eyes, ears and hearts so that they do not believe and it is the same if you warn them or do not warn them. Their condition is similar to those recalcitrant to Kalabagh Dam or who do not agree with KBD and would suffer a severe penalty of deprivation and famine which is the inalienable result of lack of faith or truth. This was epitomized in the case of Abu Jehl and Abu Laheb who met their sad end as a result of their intransigence. This is a clarion call for people of faith to be warned of the ingratitude of water if not stored and used wisely which is akin to rank ingratitude of greatest gift of Allah Almighty on which all life depends but is only available in the from of 2-1/2% of the planet’s water as zakat of the sea as it most obey the eternal principle of Allah Almighty.


Lahore, March 5.