It’s interesting that the blast in Gulshan-e-Iqbal has been blamed on RAW, as revenge for the arrest of the RAW operative, Cdr Kulbhushan Jadav, from Quetta. It’s also interesting that the militant group claiming responsibility for the blast has said it was targeting Christians. So that gives those currying favour abroad the lesson that RAW is anti-Christian.

At the same time, both RAW and the Indian Navy come out of the entire episode as organisations willing to employ a Jadav. It’s not a scheduled caste, or Untouchable, but it’s an Other Backward Caste, with a lot of reservations of jobs and seats at colleges and universities. It’s a caste of herdsmen, which is appropriate, considering the attention being paid to beef-eaters in today’s India. Devout Hindus should be reminded that not only has the 2020 World Cup been won by beef-eaters, but the other team also belonged to a nation of beef-eaters. Instead of eating beef, our own PCB is busy eating humble pie over leaked reports.

Right, targeting Christians in Gulshan-e-Iqbal? Just because it’s Easter Sunday, doesn’t mean the people in a park are Christian. As a matter of fact, I suppose Christians also got to parks on days other than Easter. Now, an attack on a church would be targeted at Christians, but what is it about parks? And what about the Muslims who were the majority of those killed? And how come Christians are targets? True, they don’t pay the jizya, but no one is demanding that tax from them. If anyone must be blamed for the non-levy, it should be the state, not the potential taxpayer.

I wonder if there will be any RAW reaction to the Pakistani Joint Investigation Team which was sent to the Pathankot airbase, and came back complaining of lack of cooperation. It should be clear by now that RAW reacts through the militants. That means through the USA, because its alliance with India is about intelligence cooperation as well as nuclear.

Speaking of nuclear cooperation, Mian Nawaz Sharif cancelled his visit to the USA for the nuclear summit there because of the Gulshan-e-Iqbal blast. Apart from putting the nose of those looking forward to the TA/DA out of joint, and apart from missing the opportunity of meeting India’s Modi on the sidelines, presumably to complain about the Pathankot JIT, there was also the memory stirred of the time, January 1991, when Mian Nawaz cancelled a trip to Japan because of the Hathora Group’s latest attack in Lahore.

This time, there was also the demo by those attending the chehlum of Mumtaz Qadri at D-Chowk Islamabad. The demands, among other things, included declaring him a martyr. That might not be very easy for a government that had hanged him, but it might be easier than implementing Islam, which has been demanded since 1977, without happening to the satisfaction of those making the demand.

One wonders whether the Sit-in will lead to a wedding, as that which occurred after the last time there was a crowd at D-Chowk. And hopefully it will last longer than that one, or the one still regretted by the husband who hijacked an Egyptair domestic flight, because he wanted to see his wife in Cyprus. In the good old days, you would hijack a plane and go to Cuba, but since Obama has gone visiting, that option has been closed.

Instead of hijacking, militants prefer blowing themselves up. As a result, they’re not allowed to carry out hijackings. There was the hijacking of an Indian plane, by the same Masood Azhar who was involved in the Pathankot airbase attacks, but generally, Muslims are not allowed to hijack planes. Not unless they’re lovesick Egyptian nutjobs. So the Army began an anti-militant operation in Punjab after the blast, thereby giving the chehlum participants in Rawalpindi a demand: release those arrested.

Could this demand really be faulted? After all, one of those arrested in Karachi, Dr Asim Hussain, has been forced to present a psychiatric certificate to his trial court, saying that he suffers panic attacks when he sees a Rangers uniform, which shows what sort of interrogation they probably carry out. But then, maybe Dr Asim has taken a page out of President Zardari’s book. While he was under trial, in exile, and while his wife was alive, he presented a psychiatrist’s certificate to claim exemption from appearing in court. It is almost as if the PPP’s criticism of Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf for going abroad is because he did so because of complaints of old age, not because of insanity. So Dr Asim suffers panic at the mention of Rangers… I suppose that makes Rangers proud. But does Dr Asim resemble Hrbert Lom in the Pink Panther movies, who played Chief Inspector Dreyfus, who went mad, and began twitching whenever the Peter Sellers character (Inspector Clouseau) was even mentioned?