VEHARI-In October 1975, Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Chief Minister Hanif Ramay declared Vehari as district during a dinner held in Hassan Raza Hall at Multan.

In 1925, Burewala and Vehari mandi was settling down. It is an agricultural city as cotton, maze and wheat are the famous crops. Word Vehari was extracted from “Wah” or “Viah” whose meanings are the passage of water. It is 100km away from Multan. The district consists of plain area with fertile land. It is a part of Indus plain. It has the best cultivated land which is suitable for cotton, wheat and other agricultural crops. Its land is irrigated with the water of Chenab and Ravi rivers. Vehari District has a big canal system with Pakpattan and Mailsi canals. The total number of canals including their minors in the district is 19.

Punjabi is the first language of most of the people in the district. Saraiki and Urdu are also spoken. It has best education facilities with different schools and colleges.

University of Education (UE) Vehari campus was established on September 10, 2002 as the first specialised university in the field of Education in Pakistan. It is a rapidly growing institution for the promotion of knowledge, skills and research. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology opened its campus at Vehari which is one of the best universities recognised by HEC in Pakistan.

Likewise, BZU has opened its campus at Vehari; many of the student are now getting standard education at their doorsteps.

Mian Khursheed Anwer (late) is the founder of Vehari district. His father Sobidar Major Peer Muhammad was in British army and migrated in 1947 from Jalandher to Vehari. He was allotted agriculture land in 65-WB. He accompanied Dr Javed Iqbal, Mian Mumtaz khan Dualtana, Hafeez Jalandhri and Hameed Nizami in their meetings. In presidential election 1964-65, he supported Fatima Jinnah.

In 1970, he was elected MPA and also Deputy Opposition Leader. He remained in PPP during Marshal Law. In 1986, he joined National Peoples Party and remained member of central executive committee.

His son Asif Khurseed remained chairman of Market Committee Vehari twice and Mian Saqib Khursheed remained 3-time MPA, two-time TMA administrator.