In The Nation dated October 2, 1999 there appeared a news item with the headline, “PM announces package for senior citizens: 50% concession in rail, air, government transport, 10% off at utility stores.” 

The package was announced at the senior citizens convention that was organised by the Prime Minister’s Monitoring and Evaluation Cell. 

The PM announced that senior citizens who were getting pensions would get their pensions in accordance with the latest slab of their respective present basic pay scale in the year of retirement. Apart from monetary benefits, others were included as well. 

Senior citizens thought him to be their well-wisher, who was the only one who would think about them. Unfortunately, he was banished from the post through a coup d’état in October, 1999. 

Now, that he is once again the Prime Minister of Pakistan, I would earnestly request him to take up the issue once again. The orders, as given in that announcement, should be carried out so that senior citizens may get this long forgotten package. 


Lahore, April 1.