KARACHI - The growers have been advised to start sowing the cotton crop in the second week of May and Rice crop in the beginning of July due to shortage of irrigation water.

This advice to growers has been given as the off-taking Phuleli Canal and Akram Wah of Kotri Barrage were faced with water shortage.

Therefore, Left Bank Canal Area Water Board has decided to release water in these canals for drinking purpose only, said a statement on Monday.

Meanwhile, it is expected that low water level in Indus River in coming months will overcome and growers will get Irrigation water to meet their requirements.  Besides this water rotation schedule has also been prepared, which is available for growers in their respective division offices. District Councils, Taluka Councils and Union Councils have been advised to make arrangement for storage of water, so that they may not face the problem to provide drinking water in their respective areas.