State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali while speaking to journalists in Sukkur said he had ‘travelled with railu kattas (jacks of all trades)’.

His comments come after he shared a flight with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Aleem Khan and Pakistan People’s Party’s (PPP) Manzoor Wattoo from Islamabad to Lahore. They were seated next to each other and exchanged pleasantries.

Abid Sher Ali was attending a lunch organized by Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah for leaders, where he spoke to the journalists.

He said, “I could not cut the plane in half or shoot the person who issued the tickets. There was no other option but to sit with them.”

Abid also said, “We will not allow these ‘railu kattas’ to do ‘railu katta’ politics.”

Manzoor Wattoo was also questioned by the journalists as to who he thinks was being called a ‘railo katta’.

“At least not PPP,” Wattoo replied.

Earlier in the day Abid Sher Ali traveled with PPP and PTI leaders and they discussed various issues, especially power outages in the country.

Abid Sher Ali’s remarks refer to PTI chief Imran Khan’s much maligned comments following the Pakistan Super League (PSL) final in Lahore last month. Khan was criticised by many quarters for referring to the overseas players as ‘phateechar’ (wretched) and ‘railu kattay’.