In her latest statement against Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), journalist Reham Khan accused the party of lacking true democracy and not allowing participation of women.

Reham Khan , who is also an ex-wife of the PTI chief Imran Khan, lambasted the party while talking to the media.

“If your party had any fear of God, girls from respectable families would have been a part of your party,” Reham said.

While addressing the lack of democracy within political parties she said: “Those who Allah does not guide, how we can guide them? We are here to show that there is no true democracy in any party.”

She further criticized PTI’s lack of promotion of the nation’s youth, which is normally peddled by the party as its strength.

“Have you ever seen any youth next to them on stage? All those women who grace their jalsas, have you seen them reach that position? Young girls and women complain to me that we can’t sit with these people.”

In her concluding remarks she said: “PTI’s vision is separate from mine.”