ATTOCK: Lahore High Court Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, on Monday, said corruption would not be tolerated in the judiciary at any level and that judges should ensure dispensation of justice at all costs.

He said this while addressing  judges and staff of district courts Attock. He assured of provision of maximum facilities to them while condemning corruption, and urged them to perform their duties with greater responsibility and honesty.

He said the case of promoting of drivers and lower staff would be taken up at an appropriate level and also mentioned that dispute resolution centres were being established to facilitate the people.

“We must ensure delivery of justice without any favouritism,” he said.

He lauded the Attock courts for having made history by disposing off a record number of cases, and gave Attock District and Sessions Judge Sohail Nasir, the bar, police, and prosecution due credit for it.

Raja Jahanzaib appreciated how Attock was using e-courts, and all the FIRs and verdicts were uploaded on their website within 48 hours.