New Delhi: A local Indian-held Kashmir’s cricket club players sang the Pakistan’s national anthem wearing Pakistan cricket team's uniform before the start of the match, Zee News India reported.

As per reports, the match was held at the Wayil grounds in Ganderbal on April 2, the day when Kashmiris had called for a strike against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Jammu Kashmir for the Chenani-Nashri tunnel.

The team that wore the Pakistani kit is named after Baba Darya ud Din, a popular saint whose shrine is situated in Ganderbal. Their opponents wore white.

According to reports, prior to the start of the match, the commentator announced through loudspeakers that Pakistani national anthem would be played before the match as a 'mark of respect'. The report adds that the playground is located next to the local police station.

“We wanted our team to look different and also wanted to show fellow Kashmiris that we haven’t forgotten Kashmir issue, so we found this particular theme as most appropriate and catchy,” InUth quoted a player as saying.

Here's the video: