The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested one of the most-wanted human trafficker earlier today. 

According to FIA officials, the human trafficker's name, Siraj Khan, was included in the Red Book that has a list of wanted human traffickers.      

Siraj belongs to Rawalpindi and he had set up an office where he would promise people of providing them with jobs abroad and then take hundreds of thousands from them in the name of employment.

Earlier than this, Siraj was accused of trafficking people.

A network of human traffickers had surfaced recently when the chief justice of Pakistan took notice of the case of a woman, a resident of Rawalpindi, who was trafficked after being abducted.

The abductors demanded Rs300,000 to return her, while the police said they could not do anything to expedite the pace of progress in the case.

The story added a large number of women were sold from Pakistan by an organised gang of 150 members who arrange fake marriages of these women.