“Contentment is natural wealth,

luxury is artificial poverty.”

–Socrates, 469BC-399BC

Every century gives birth to great men but only a few of them are able to leave a mark upon the world. Socrates, one of the greatest men of history, was a famous Greek Philosopher who showered the world with his gift of wisdom. He laid down the foundation of Western philosophy and is primarily studied for his concepts which constitute of ethics and morality. In his 40s, he began to ponder questions such as, “What is wisdom?” or “What is beauty?”

He ultimately taught his beliefs to his students but never wrote them down himself. One of the basic tenets of his thought was that “virtue is knowledge.” He stressed that life must be based on acquiring and applying knowledge since only then can a man live happily and attain pleasure. He taught about good governance and highlighted a deeper relationship between society and politics. According to him, ethics should be the basis of one’s code of conduct and hence, the best of the rulers was the one who had a complete understanding of himself and had the greatest ability, virtue and knowledge. Socrates also believed that the best form of governance was neither tyranny nor democracy. So if everyone was to follow the principles of great thinkers like Socrates, would the world not see the dawn of great and competent leaders? We would atleast understand the true criteria to measure good leadership and make sensible choices.