KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh chief Dr Arif Alvi on Monday announced to support Pakistan Muslim League-Functional ’s (PML-F) candidate in the by-election for PS-81.

He said that people of Sindh were in a miserable condition due to corruption of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

“The development funds are being transferred to Dubai and people of the province have been forced to spend a miserable life,” he added.

Alvi was talking to the media men along with PML-F leader Shehryar Mehar here at Insaf House.

Earlier PTI leaders gave a warm welcome to the PML-F delegation at the party headquarters. PTI Sindh Vice President Haleem Adil Sheikh, Agha Arsalan, Haji Safqat, Raja Khan and others were also present on the occasion.

Both the parties’ leaders discussed various issues of Sindh, particularly the failure of the provincial government to provide relief to the masses.

Later, addressing the press conference, PTI leader Dr Arif Alvi criticised the provincial government for neglecting the key issue of the province.

Without naming former provincial minister Sharjeel Inam Memon, he said it was unfortunate that those who openly indulged in corruption were given extraordinary protocol on their return to the country and even crowned in a ceremony.

“It is a matter of great concern that while on one hand the people of Sindh are deprived of drinking water the corrupt elements are being honoured with golden crowns,” Alvi noted.

Talking about the by-election for PS-81, the PTI leader said that it had been witnessed that PPP during the by polls used the state machinery to run its election campaign. “Keeping in view the situation, PTI has decided to support PML-Functional candidate for PS-81,” he announced.

He said that PPP was creating hurdles in the working of honest and loyal police officials while the removal of IGP AD Khawaja was linked to PPP’s quest to keep its control over police department intact.

“PPP has always stifled those who raised their voice against its corruption and in continuation of its ‘immoral policies’ carried out the arrests of ‘Fix It’ campaigners and PTI workers staging protest against the removal of Khawaja,” he said, and added that PTI would not tolerate such tactics and would continue its movement against corruption.

Speaking on the occasion, PML-F leader Shehryar Mehar thanked the PTI leadership for supporting the party candidate in the by-poll.

He held PPP responsible for the destruction of the entire province, stating that its government had destroyed every department of the province by disregarding the merit.

He further said that fraud and culture of bribery had been the hallmarks of the provincial government for decades. “The opposition parties stand firm to counter the wrongdoings of PPP,” he said resolutely.