KARACHI - Adviser to Sindh chief minister on Social Welfare Shamim Mumtaz has directed Social Welfare Department secretary to take action against fake non-governmental organisations in collaboration with police and district administrations across Sindh province.

She took notice on complaints of collection of donations in Mehran Town and other parts of Karachi.

She said that as holy month of Ramazan approaches, fake non-governmental organisations and elements start collecting donations in the name of welfare which is illegal.

She added that no individual or un-registered organisations have mandate to collect any type of donation. He appealed citizens to authenticate those organisations or institutions were recognised and registered with government before extending any kind of cooperation.

Adviser to Sindh chief minister said that miscreants and outlawed organisations may use these donations for theirs nefarious activities and asked citizens to be very careful and vigilant.

Responding to an advertisement being aired by private FM radio, she said that there is ban in place on the registration of new NGOs and Social Welfare Department had made no agreement with any international organisation.

She termed the advertisement fake and illegal and asked private radio station administrations to immediately stop airing it.