LAHORE-Sonya Hussyn once again made her mark as one of the most versatile TV actresses in Pakistani drama industry through her brilliant performance in recent project “Aise Hai Tanhai”.

Sonya Hussyn played the lead role along with the talented artistes Saba Hameed, Nadia Khan and Sami Khan while the production was by Fahad Mustafa.

The serial is about those Pakistani women who are not given the liberty to live their lives the way they want and are criticized if they do anything that does not match the principles that our ancestors have established.

The issue of leaked inappropriate pictures via internet is very common in Pakistan. In a conservative society like ours, it is far difficult for a girl to survive once she is exposed to a scandal. She is disowned by society, family, her in-laws and even their own blood mother gives up on them.

The story of Aisi Hai Tanhai revolves around Sonya Hussain who played the role of Pakeeza, an ordinary girl, who falls in love with a boy Hamza (Sami Khan) and to prove her love to him, offers him her inappropriate pictures. Hamza on the other hand rejects to take them but tragically some university students steal her mobile and leak the pictures on social media. This drama showed us the journey of a woman who strived to save her dignity and self-respect after her indecent pictures were exposed. We saw how a simple and innocent girl had to sacrifice and give up everything to prove herself.

When asked about the serial Sonya Hussain said, “Aisi Hai Tanhai is comes to an end and it’s been such an incredible journey! I hadn’t done TV for almost two years, but when the character of Pakeeza, a vulnerable girl was offered to me, I just knew I had to do this role. I hope it was able to convey the message to make women realize that facing challenges is part of life and one must not give up. Also It’s about time we learn and teach girls to speak up, speak for their rights and injustice. There’s no honour in putting women down. I am proud that I played my little part in saying that out loud.”