The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALVT) will launch two remote sensing satellites for Pakistan in June this year.

It will make it the first international commercial launch for a Long March-2C rocket after it carried Motorola's Iridium satellites into orbit in 1999.

China’s state news agency Xinhua reported the rocket will also carry the China-France Oceanography satellite into space in September this year.

Long March-2C rockets are mainly used to send satellites into low earth or sun-synchronous orbits. The satellite will also monitor ocean wind and waves.

Earlier, China had also launched Pakistan's communication satellite PAKSAT-1R back in 2011.

China and Pakistan had signed an agreement in 2016 for the launch of a special remote sensing satellite this year in 2018.

The main reason for signing the agreement is to monitor the development of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects.