ISLAMABAD-Former Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) director general Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera, despite being denied NOC by PSB and IPC ministry, has managed to fly to Australia for Commonwealth Games on Tuesday morning.

It is worth mentioning here that despite being fully aware of the fact that he was going to retire on February 28, Ganjera deliberately included his name in the Commonwealth-bound Pakistani contingent and started visiting office of Acting DG Amer Ali Ahmed daily to seek NOC. He was fully aware of the fact that according to law, he couldn’t proceed with the contingent as an official and knowing the fact that inquiries were going on against him in NAB, FIA and different courts, he was ready to self-finance to avoid inquiries, but when Amer refused to allow him NOC, as according to rules and regulations Ganjera was not entitled to enjoy joy-ride which he used to enjoy during his entire career, he used unfair means to achieve his task.

According to sources inside the PSB, Ganjera offered to spend from his own pocket to proceed to Australia and he also used his good offices in Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) to include his name through them. When he was again denied NOC, he blew away all the orders and managed to depart for Australia and will return on April 15.

When this scribe visited the PSB to know how Ganjera managed to leave for Australia as an official, no one could answer this simple question. It is quite interesting that none of the PSB top brass was even aware about Ganjera’s departure and when this scribe pointed out towards this issue, they kept on asking each other.

There is a very strong lobby working in the PSB, who is loyal to Ganjera and keeps on passing sensitive information to him. When this scribe asked a responsible person in the PSB that when the IPC minister refused to grant NOC to Ganjera, how he managed to leave for Australia, he said: “The POA has its own way of dealing with things. If they were serious for promotion of sports, Pakistan sports might have been far better and earning maximum medals in international events.”

It is not for the first time when Ganjera set aside rules and regulations as during 12th South Asian Games held in India in 2016, he was not granted NOC, but even then he violated all the rules and regulations and cross through Wagah Border, despite a strict ban on travelling through road.

It is high time when the IPC minister, Acting PSB director general must take notice and strict action against Ganjera and his facilitators to ensure no one could even dare to even think about doing so in future. If Ganjera, like witnessed in the past, was let off the hook, others will follow the same.