Islamabad - The federal capital police have arrested over 30 drug pushers during the last three months as they accelerated their campaign against the persons supplying drugs in the educational institutions of the city.

According to police sources, a total of 33 accused were arrested in 29 such cases during 1st January to 27 March, 2018. Majority of the FIRs were registered at police stations Aabpara, Sabzi Mandi, Secretariat, Shehzad Town, Kohsar, Golra and Industrial Area. The accused were nabbed while selling narcotics around the educational institutions as Urdu University, Islamic University, QAU and Comsat University. According to police officials, a total of 16kg charas, 340 grams of heroin and ice were also recovered from the accused. 

Usually, the drug-pushers would invite students of various educational institutions for use of narcotics for monetary benefits. However after concerns were raised by parents and a parliamentary body, the police enhanced surveillance of the criminals around the institutions.

In October 2016, a senate body was told that a large number of students of educational institutions of the federal capital were addicted to various kinds of drug. The drugs were being provided by their fellows the drug peddlers in the city.

Furthermore, Islamabad police have arrested nine outlaws from various area of the city and recovered two tampered vehicles, wine, heroin and weapons from their possession, said a police spokesman. Anti-Car Lifting Cell arrested two accused Muhammad Imran and Saif-Ullah and recovered two tampered cars from their possession. Bhara Kahu police arrested Noman Masih and recovered 7 liters of wine from his possession. Golra police arrested 3 accused involved in immoral activities. They were identified as Nasir Ghaffar, Kalsoom Bibi and Razia Bibi. Tarnol police arrested Naveed Khan and recovered 430 gram heroin from him. Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is underway.