“I can’t say I wasn’t hoping for it,

but I didn’t see it coming.”

–Jessi Kirby, Golden

An Orange Peel over a trip to Niagara


Bobby Leach was the second person to go across the Niagara Falls in a barrel, the first being a woman named Annie Taylor. He was born in 1858 in the United Kingdom. He completed his Niagara endeavor on the 25th of July in 1911, and later spent 6 months in the hospital dealing with the consequences of his stunt. Although Bobby had suffered a lot of injuries after his trip including broken kneecaps and a fractured jaw, he managed to make money and fame out of it, unlike his counterpart Annie.

He went on several tours including Canada, USA and England recollecting his achievement upon speeches and posing for photographs with his magical barrel. However on one such publicity tour in New Zealand, Bobby Leach lost it all to an orange peel. Leach slipped over the peel and injured his leg severely such that the wound became infected and it all lead to amputation of his damaged limb. Even though his leg was successfully removed from the rest of his body, he died of complications from the surgery 2 months later in 1926.

What the rough turbulent waters of the Niagara Falls couldn’t break, the fall from an orange peel did- there’s definitely a fine line between what can kill us and what cannot and so just to be on the safe side do not under estimate the power of an orange peel and on that note steer clear of any banana peels as well.