LAHORE - PML-N KP President Ameer Muqam called on Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday and discussed current political situation with him.

The CM said the PML-N is the most popular political party of the country and its every tenure is linked with transparency, public service and honesty.  He said those who are practicing the negative politics of lies have ruined the KP. He said that these elements intentionally created hurdles in the journey of development and prosperity during the five years.

He maintained that Imran Niazi, by joining hands with the king of corruption, has exhibited political jugglery. He said that people of KPK will reject the liars in next general elections. He said that KP will be emerged as a developed province like Punjab if its people expressed their loyality with the PML-N in next general elections.

Ameer Muqam said CM Shehbaz has set new records of public service. He said that Shehbaz, through his hard work and vision, has made Punjab a developed province. He said that people of KP have now been fed up with PTI’s leadership and the PML-N will gain victory in next elections in KP as well. Separately talking to Railways Minister Saad Rafiq, Shehbaz has said Imran Khan and Asif Ali Zardari are two sides of the coin as they have no agenda for national development but to block development launched by the PML-N government. He said the PML-N government has set records of constructing new hospitals, schools and colleges and vowed that process of development of health and education sectors will be spread across the country.

He said that people are well aware of the fact that who served them day and night and who continuously spoken lies. The underlying purpose of Zardari-Imran hookup is not public service but ensuring access to the power corridors and Niazi has taken another U-turn by conniving with Zardari. How much alliances the opponents may enter into, the conscious people of Pakistan will reject them in the next elections, he said. The people will hold accountability of those who have obstructed the process of national development and prosperity. He said that anti-people policies of sit-in group have been fully exposed and opponents of prosperity of the people have met defeat at every stage.

He said that there is no room of any anarchy or negative politics in the country and added that people want solution of their problems. “The process of development has been accelerated due to the solid economic policies of PML-N government and the agenda of public welfare has been moved forward with dedication. The credit of introducing development revolution through mega projects goes to PML-N.

People always give great respect to those who have served them and Pakistan Muslim League-N will win the elections on the basis of its immaculate performance,” Shehbaz said.