LAHORE: Tanzeemul Madaris Pakistan, a board of religious seminaries representing the Brelvi school of thought, will conduct examination of around 200,000 students from April 14.  For this purpose, it has established 2,500 examination centres across the country, said Maulana Ishaq Zafar, a member of the examination board, in a statement on Tuesday.

In total, 182,439 male and female students will appear in the exams of Darse Nizami, an eight year course of religious teachings, and Takhusus fil Fiaq wal Ifta, a two-year specialization course after Darse Nizami, which will continue for a month, he said. The board has appointed 6,300 invigilators for the examinations. The number of students, according to a statement, has increased by 20,370 (5,670 male, 14,700 female) as compared to previous year. –Staff Reporter

 Around 10,000 religious seminaries of Brelvi school of thought are affiliated with Tanzeemul Madaris. The results of the exams will be announced on 25th of Ramazan.