MOHMAND AGENCY:- A two-year old girl died of measles on Tuesday at Sur Dagi area of Ambar tehsil of Lower Mohmand Sub-division, officials of local administration said. Assistant Political Agent Ekkaghund Touseef Khalid said that Sara, daughter of Niaz Ali, who was suffering from measles, died at her home.  A local resident of Ambar, Ikram Khan, said that dozens of children were affected by measles while no medical team had been sent to the far flung area. Measles cases were also reported from Haleemzai, Safi, Pindiali and borders areas of Mohmand Agency. Meanwhile, as per report of the Assistant Political Agent Lower Mohmand, 18-year-old Jan Sher died in a road accident.–Staff Reporter

Also in the day, tribal elders arranged a rally at Ghalanai and Ekkaghund bazaars in favour of Pakistan Army and other security forces and against Pakhtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM). The tribesmen who participated belonged to Haleemzai, Baizai, Trakzai, dawezai and Trakzai tribes. The rally participants were carrying banners inscribed with slogans in favour of security forces.