I am very concerned about cheating. Students of today do not consider it as an illegal or an immoral act for that matter. Exams, tests, homework, assignments, etc. It does not matter anymore or does it?

In a survey conducted by “Who’s Who” where the respondents were American High School Students, nearly ninety percent of them were of the view that cheating is quite prevalent. Seventy-six percent openly embraced the act of cheating.

It is difficult for children to abstain from external influence. If parents evade taxes and traffic tickets, how do you suppose their children to abide by the law?

Upon questioning hey can easily counter us with a “why not” after all, the majority of the adults do.

Parents should encourage their children to work independently, study hard, and learn to accept failures. Learning by making mistakes is important. Teachers, on the other hand, should also help by reforming classroom behavior to curb cheating. Severe punishments are inevitable when it comes to cheating.

Cheating does not accomplish anything. If you are successful through cheating, you just cheated yourself.


Lahore, March 12.