DERA ISMAIL KHAN - A senior administrative

official said on Friday

that 150 people, most

of Kurram district residents having returned

from Iran, have been tested negative for Covid-19

and would soon leave the

quarantine centers for

their homes.

Deputy Commissioner

Muhammad Umair told

journalists that all the

150 people would be released from quarantine

centres at the Darazinda and Mufti Mehmood

Teaching hospitals.

“A lab established

for the Corona testing

procedures has started functioning at Mufti

Mehmood Teaching Hospital.

“The lab in DI Khan is

an achievement of the local healthcare staff,” the

official said.

He also said the new

lab was capable of measuring and screening 100

swab specimens PCR

method within 24 hours,

adding that the lab has

also been certified by National Institute of Health,

Islamabad and permitted by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department to conduct tests.