After the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) backed the state’s measures taken in light of the coronavirus, especially with regards to banning all kinds of gatherings, there is no reason left for anyone to the doubt government’s decisions for whatever purpose. The situation at present is not suitable for any kind of assembly and it is positive that the government is taking the steps necessary to prevent any further spread of the virus. Reinforcing that the government’s decisions have been correct and on the right track was needed considering there were questions posed against its policies regarding public gatherings. However, the statement of CII will help people understand that religion shows flexibility in such distressing times.

Now that this endorsement has come in from CII, the government must impose further curbs on any outdoor activities that are not urgent. This way, we can ensure that practice of social distancing is implemented all the way through. With cases rapidly rising, staying in our homes takes precedence over all else. The government must be supported in every possible way to allow it to protect the lives of all citizens.

CII Chairman Qibla Ayaz’s suggestion, that people who saved money for performing religious obligations like Hajj and Umrah should help people who were facing financial difficulties is also praiseworthy at this time. Hopefully, many people will send their donations to the state or other relief groups who are working to assist the marginalised sections of society. We need collectively open our hearts and broaden our thinking while helping people. The fact that Pakistanis do not discriminate against people based on their sect and religion is really important right now and will help us in surviving this pandemic. This is what CII suggests and this has been the government’s intention from the very beginning.