Coronavirus has mysteriously invaded millions of people’s mind and health around the world. I just thought over the possibilities of this deadly virus breakout. It could have cosmic cum environmental reasons and other reasons including negligence in disposing of birds andanimal wastes, viral infections mal-treatments in hospitals andat homes and biological warfare (BW). I am considering here the possibility of BW due to a number of strong reasons to believe. We all know that all leading countries of the world including USA, Russia, UK andJapan have done or are doing work on BW Programmes.

After the open defeat in the Afghan war, the Russians may have worked continuously with more determination to restore the lost prestige to achieve the lost objective of Afghan invasion through minimum financial assistance from the state resources. Failure in Afghanistan had ruined the economy of Soviet Russia and resulted in breakout of Soviet Russia. There are a few countries whose prime objectives remain to gain more andmore powers to rule the world and sthis goal keeps them active even at the cost of lives of innocents irrespective in hundreds or thousands. We are well aware of the conspiracy theories behind 9/11 incidents, Bosnia War, Afghan Invasion and Iraq War to recover weapons of mass destruction (WMD). In these acts, there were states vs. innocent people. The states succeeded and innocent people lost lives in thousands. If we take years from 2011 to 2019, then we will see interestingly, China rising among other countries. This rise of China may have given set back to the countries called superpowers in the global market. One superpower may have realised the time to meet the ulterior objectives and to get the lead through cost-effective BW. Now, consider the areas of worst affecters of coronavirus to reach on your finding at the personal level. Innocent people’s lives do not matter much when the objective or goal is much bigger than their lives.

Russia has leading capacity in biological weapons programme over other countries as they have nearly 100 years of research in the subject. Up to 1960, there were a number of BW research programmes in the Soviet Union. I do not think that the Soviet Union had fully abandoned the research programmes after signing 1972 Biological Weapons Convention and Russians may have continued the research even after the breakup. The Soviet Union had worked on anthrax, plague and Q-fever in different laboratories to create the deadliest viruses to be used when there is no other option left. There is also the admission of Boris Yeltsin, the ex-president of the Russian Federation, made in 1990 that they had a bio-weapons programme. However, we see another agreement in 1992, in which Russians agreed with United States and United Kingdom to end its bio-weapons programme and to convert its facilities for the purpose of scientific and medical research.

The Russian President has very much confidently said to CNN in last month that situation is “under control” when other countries are fighting against the virus, vigorously. The number of coronavirus confirmed cases are still at very low levels in Russia as compared to other countries including bordering China. According to a reliable report, there have been over 1,006,000 reported cases so far and deaths are over 50,000. The recovered cases are over 196,000 of the reported cases. The European countries are in very vulnerable conditions and the USA may suffer more after some time. The fingers are apparently raised towards LAB fellows and prudent minds are not accepting the cosmic cause in relation to the coronavirus. The outcome is much favouring to Russia as blame game has started between China and USA and this will add much more benefits to Russia in the coming months. However, there remains a space for open debate among the state heads and subject experts.

The outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has been reported from Wuhan in China. It looks from the collective data of the coronavirus disease that it spread out at several locations or countries which were wisely chosen for the purpose of lockdown of so many countries with ulterior objectives. This biological warfare will become more deadly if the door is kept open for other countries having the biological warfare programmes in their facilities to save state interests currently at high risk. I think, the planners worked for years and selected ideal weather conditions in different selected countries to begin the biological warfare.

There arises a question that why this coronavirus was selected? The answer is simple that it can multiply adverse effects in a very short time from two to 14 days from the affected to the other closed persons and before the symptoms appear. It mainly attacks the respiratory system and can result in fatal death. I consider this biological warfare as the use of bio-bombs to destroy human lives with fear and stress in minds and weaken the governments due to lockdowns to adversely affect the economies in targeted countries/locations.

The war was initiated in China and ultimate results will be achieved in the USA via hitting several other targets in other countries. The other diseases had the vaccination but this virus’ vaccination is still under trial. We can say that there is currently no proven vaccine or effective treatment for this very disease and available remedies are mostly supportive therapies and vary from region to region.

However, I appreciate the containment strategies of the states and the public to slow the spread of the virus. To control spread out of coronavirus more effectively and to treat people as much as possible, the individual based strategy will not work alone without the state-based and world-based strategies.

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