ISLAMABAD - Unsatisfied with the arrangements about dangerous Coronavirus [COVID-19], BNP-Mengal feared that the improper arrangement at Balochistan province for not avoiding the spread of infectious Coronavirus could lead to dangerous situation. “Like Taftan border mismanagement, situation is still not up to the mark as no proper measures have been taken to avoid spread of  dangerous virus in the province,”  BNP-Mengal senior MNA Agha Hassan Baloch, talking to The Nation. Prime Minister Imran Khan, about the sorry plight of devotees at Taftan border incident, recently admitted that there was no such management for the pilgrims returned from Iran. A large number of suspected infected peoples returning from Iran were given place at Mian Ghundi, located on the outskirts of Quetta, to avoid pandemic. Whereas, many of them [from different areas of country] reportedly managed to leave the place without any proper test of Coronavirus. Baloch remarked that the mismanagement of provincial government had caused affecting a large number of people in the country. “Situation at Taftan border was not only a single mismanagement case of Balochistan government. Still people of deprived province have no proper arrangement and health facilities,” said MNA from Balcohistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan has to ask provincial government to take proper arrangements as situation could lead to dangerous situation. “Balochistan is already deprived province of country and now once again the treatment with the peoples of Balochistan in Coronavirus crisis is pathetic,” he said, blaming Chief Minisister Balochistan for not showing seriousness to handle the dangerous matter. He said the blame game among the province in crisis situation could be avoided if proper measures have been taken at Taftan border around two months before.  About blame game, Prime Minister Imran Khan had also recently asked provinces to avoid blame game and focus of work in respective provinces.

As, Chief Ministers of Balochisatn and Sindh had remarked against each other for making improper measures to control virus.

BNP-Mengal, coalition partner of PTI government, around three weeks before had also drawn the attention of federal government towards Taftan border situation on the last day of 20th national assembly session.

BNP-Mengal MNA Agha Hansan Baloch was the first MNA in the national assembly session, who had pointed out mismanagement at Taftan border. He had feared that it could be sources of spreading virus due to improper arrangements. 

“Inappropriate measures for devotees coming from Iran  could lead spread this disease in the country, ”BNP-Mengal’s parliamentary party had pointed out , requesting Prime Minister to help taking appropriate measures for devotees from Iran , temporarily residing in outskirts of Quetta. The tally of Coronavirus cases in Balochistan has reached 169 cases, while the overall reported cases in Pakistan are 2378.