Media effects


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the year 2020, approximately 1.5million people will commit suicide. Suicide and social media have become a relatively new phenomenon, it is influencing suicide-related behavior. Social media is changing human behavior especially affecting teenagers.

Nowadays, people are mostly busy in their online world which causes mental and emotional issues leading them to depression. Social media is promoting different kinds of pro-suicidal sites, message boards, chat rooms and forums. Our youth has completely lost their self-control, their minds are under the control of media influencers.

Their thinking power has finished, the first media was in our control but now we are controlled by media. Children are spending their time on social media and have no time for their family which is a really serious issue. They feel their selves happy in the fake world of the internet and cut off from the real-life. They start living in the world of fantasy which later on results in mental health issues.

Parents should look after their children, it’s their responsibility to check their children and their activities on social media. They should tell their children that life is no bed of roses. I also request the authorities that they should ban such sites which affect our behavior, mental health, and ethics. Otherwise, the result will be really worse for our future.




Rise of e-commerce


E-Commerce is an opportunity to bring people in the mainstream and connect them with international markets through global online platforms. It can facilitate freelancers and start-ups run by young people, women, and rural workers especially the ones involved in manufacturing/supplying local handicrafts.

I believe this is the break businesses are looking for in these tough economic times. Many of the institutions are now conducting training on e-commerce completely free of cost to build up the skills of youngsters and entrepreneurs which would help them to boost their profit returns even more

While capitalising on such efforts, Pakistan can step up and take measures to increase the competitiveness of local e-commerce players, thereby enhancing their share in local and global trade.