Every day brings further confirmation of the Indian government’s hate-filled narrative that is being deliberately spread through society as a means to threaten the existence of Muslims in India. This was made even clearer from an interview of Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Subramanian Swamy, who explicitly confirmed that the top leadership of India’s ruling party genuinely believes that Muslims are not deserving of the same rights as other citizens of India.

The government of Pakistan, especially the Prime Minister, have been trying to expose the fact that this belief system is at the very core of BJP in India to the entire international community. But India’s own brazenness is making this all the more obvious. This sort of bigotry, as Imran Khan rightly pointed out in his tweet which condemned the remarks, has only been seen in history in Nazi Germany.

The Prime Minister’s response to BJP’s Swamy is yet another example of the lack of attention still being paid to this issue the world over; he is the only one to have reacted so far. Other Muslim and western leaders must also speak out. This is a time of international crisis, and a government that is actively looking to get rid of 200 million people from its own population is a danger to its own citizens and the world in general.

We now know that a collective international response is not only possible, but also ideal for handling problems that affect the global community. The Indian government must be forced to revert to a more tolerant stance, or put its own relationships in the rest of the world at risk. Only by pushing this issue will we see any results.