LAHORE - Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch Parvez Elahi has said that besides rescuing Corona Virus victims, Rescue 1122 is rendering great services in case of the patient’s death for burial whereas their services also deserve to be appreciated in managing the quarantine at the Expo centre.

Ch Parvez Elahi said that under leadership of DG Rescue Dr Rizwan Naseer, 1122 workers were presenting practical example of fighting coronavirus without fear. He said that he could not help praising the performance of rescue workers. who were performing the noble duty of shifting of the patients to the hospitals and quarantine centers and also of burial in a very organized and integrated manner at the risk of their own lives.

He said that while Pak Army, Rangers, police, doctors and other institutions were also performing their duties commendably but the manner Rescue 1122 workers were rending service to the people day and night had to be duly acknowledged and the entire nation saluted them for their this spirit and service.

He said that this was an institution where in difficult time the rescue team was seen standing with the sufferer without caring for their lives. he said the Rescue 1122 wre always a call away in most hazardous of the times and their perseverance and bravery is praiseworthy