The corona pandemic has brought global society to a standstill. Humanity is struggling to find a cure for this virus. Nevertheless, the only viable option available to control the spread of this virus is enforced isolation. Consequently, Pakistan, like many other countries, has put itself under lockdown. Businesses are almost closed, and only skeleton staff (most essential staff) is working in our government offices.

Some notable members of our society are busy in serving the country at this moment of need. The lockdown in the country is being enforced by our law enforcement agencies (LEAs), both police and the armed forces. While people are safe in their homes, these people stand directly in the face of the risk of being infected. Where streets are guarded by our LEAs, another war is being fought in our hospitals, which are filled with doctors and nurses working day in and day out to care for the patients admitted there. Rightfully, everyone appreciates the role of both these professions. They have gained the respect of society.

Undoubtedly, the doctors and personnel of LEAs have proven to be the vanguards against coronavirus. There is, however, a vital segment of the government machinery that is working behind the scenes to uphold the edifice of societal structure: our civil administration. This civil administration comprises of commissioners, deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners and all our revenue staff from tehsildars to patwaris. The efforts of these unsung heroes go mostly unappreciated. Therefore, there is a need to highlight the efforts of these civil officers.

These officers have made efforts to establish quarantine centres at various points in the city within days. They have developed a data register for all the incoming pilgrims who visited holy sites in Iran and Saudi Arabia. These pilgrims are personally guided by the officers inside the established quarantine accommodations to assure them that the place is safe and worthy of living. However, people display callousness and remain uncooperative. As if that is not enough, these people create hurdles in the operations by remaining uncooperative. They put up demands that cannot be fulfilled. While they are advised to stay isolated, they gather together for prayers. Whenever mob situations arise, these civil officers stand there, negotiating with them, calming them.

Moreover, they also ensured that the health professionals visit these quarantine centres to look after the people detained there. They have also kept motivating their lower staff to perform duties at these centres. Initially, when no one was volunteering to go near these areas, these officers had food distributed among all those staying inside. They also ensured the distribution of rations to the families of these pilgrims.

The isolation centres are not the only places where the civil administration is active. The civil administration is also busy implementing Section 144 in the city to control the spread of this virus. The supply of essential commodities is being ensured so that the effects of panic buying do not cause a shortage. They are continually visiting wheat mills to ensure that the supply does not halt and Aata is available at sale points. Disinfectant spray is being sprayed over all roads and important places. Corona control rooms have been established where effective communication is being ensured.

This is indeed a short and simplified list of the various activities performed by our civil administration. Hence, it is beyond doubt that they are playing an indispensable role in our fight against coronavirus. These officers know that this job as a government servant is the most thankless job. However, we need to motivate and appreciate them as much as possible so that they continue this fight for us more vigorously. All these officers need is a bit of appreciation from the citizens for whom utilise all their energies. May we soon win this fight against the virus that has paralysed the world and our beautiful country!