ISLAMABAD The Government has established only 92 relief camps for almost a million flood affectees and these camps are not able to provide any relief to the masses due to poor arrangements. The most alarming thing is that the masses hit by flood have no drinking water. Ministry of Water and Power itself in an official statement has stated that across the country, 992 villages have been affected by flood and it claimed that 0.8 million people have been affected. An official said that the actual figures of the flood victims are far more than the officially claimed figures and the relief arrangements presently being undertaken are not enough. The official said that the availability of drinking water is the most severe problem at the moment. Due to flood in the cities, the sewerage water has mixed with water supply lines and the only option to make the drinking water available to people is its transportation that is a colossal task rather impossible given the inefficient management. But this is not the end as the official statement tells that River Indus is in very high flood in Chashma-Taunsa reach and is in high flood with falling trend at Kalabagh. It is also in low flood with rising trend at Guddu and in low flood with falling trend at Tarbela. River Kabul is in medium flood stage with rising trend at Warsak, whereas River Jhelum is experiencing medium flood with falling trend in Mangla-Rasul reach. Tarbela and Mangla Dams are at elevations of 1527.22 feet and 1206.00 feet, respectively, which are 22.78 feet and 4 feet below their respective maximum conservation levels of 1550 feet and 1210 feet. Yesterday Tarbela was 24 feet below the maximum conservation level so water is increasing despite of maximum water releases are being done. According to Flood Forecasting Division (FFD), Lahore, seasonal low lies over north-eastern Balochistan and adjoining areas. Yesterdays low over south-east Rajasthan (India) has further moved west-north westwards and today lies over western Rajasthan (India) and adjoining areas. Strong south-eastern monsoon current is penetrating into sub-mountainous areas of Punjab and Kashmir up to 5000 feet. As predicted by FFD, Lahore, and fairly widespread thunderstorm/rain with moderate to heavy falls at isolated places is expected over Sindh, southern Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and northeastern Balochistan including Bahawalpur Division during the next 24 hours.