THE fact that the British government, in league with the media, is intent on making a monster out of the Pakistani nation is visible enough from a dreadful sketch of our national flag. Nothing could be more insulting than generalising every Pakistani as an extremist. The Islamophic anti-Pakistan tendencies of The Independent in particular and the western political circles in general can be seen from the crescent on the flag that is depicted as a bearded beast trying to devour the star. The message to the rest of the world is that Pakistanis are a bunch of wild cavemen out to destroy the civilised world. However, the truth is that it is the crescent - the world of Islam - that is under attack from the cross. That this distortion has appeared hard on the heels of Prime Minister Camerons comments, which in turn came in response to WikiLeaks unsubstantiated reports leaves no doubt that a premeditated campaign to defame Pakistan is in play. The alarming factor of course is the US and UKs tendency to look at South Asia through the eyes of New Delhi. But while the barefaced impudence of John Bull to tarnish Pakistans image has severely shocked ordinary patriotic men and women, the ostrich-like leadership has at best buried its head in the sand in total disregard of the countrys sovereignty. To the detriment of national honour, the Foreign Office took five days to finally summon UK High Commissioner for a not so serious dressing down. The result of this shameful docility is that Mr Cameron has refused to offer any apology and is indeed hellbent on sticking to his slanderous comments. Unfortunately, riding roughshod over the publics feelings and the outcry against the ongoing round of mudslinging flying in the face of all diplomatic norms, President Zardaris decision to visit the UK and meet the British premiere ostensibly to paper over the cracks, is a step that will serve no useful purpose other than further lowering Pakistans stature. The fact that he did not call off his visit as a mark of protest paying a deaf ear to conscientious voices, President Zardari has infuriated the ordinary Pakistani, besides giving the hostile Western leaders a hint that they are free to humiliate the country. Even the flood disaster could not prevent this non-state presidential visit to the UK. Also it was totally dismaying to see the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi playing the devils advocate by referring to Camerons comments as a slip of the tongue. Apart from drone attacks, this apologetic posturing is definitely going to sow the seeds of more trouble in the days to come. The pity is that those at the helm seem least bothered about it.