ISLAMABAD - The prices of poultry products are on the rise with every passing day in the country. Poultry is the main source of white meat in Pakistan, which is very essential for human health and its higher price puts pressure on the general public to buy this essential part of their nutrition. The poultry industry comprises breeders, hatcheries, Broiler-chicken farms, Layer-chicken farms and the feed mills supply chicken feed to all these smaller industries. The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) took notice of this price hike and went into action against any possible cartelisation behind this price hike of the poultry products in the country. The enquiry committee, during the course of investigation, observed that the information with regard to rates of various poultry products had been displayed and then updated on the Pakistan Poultry Associations official website. The CCP teams raided the offices of PPA located in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi on 24th May, 2010 and confiscated the equipment and documents from PPA Offices. The CCP issued a show cause notice to Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) on 15th of July, 2010. On 3rd August, the hearing was conducted by a three-member bench of the Commission comprising Rahat Kaunain Hassan, chairperson, Dr Joseph Wilson, Member Policy Planning, Research, Exemption and International Affairs and Abdul Ghaffar, Member Cartels, Monopolies and Trading Abuses. On the onset of the hearing, the PPA Central Chairman told the bench that they were unable to gather the required data to make a comprehensive reply. The bench reminded the associations representatives that they had failed to file a reply. However, the bench agreed to adjourn the hearing for ten days on the assurance of PPA Central Chairman Dr Aslam that a comprehensive formal reply would be submitted before the date of next hearing. This scribe tried to contact Dr Aslam, Central Chairman of Pakistan Poultry Association, but he was not available for his comments. According to the data made available by Poultry Research Institute in 2008-2010, sharp fluctuations occurred in poultry products primarily because of higher prices of newly born day old chicks. It is interesting to note that the chick was being sold below cost during almost all months of the year 2008 and since January 2009 the prices rapidly increased and touched the figure of Rs 71.9 leading towards proportional increase in the prices of poultry meat as the price of newly born day old broiler chick are directly related to price of poultry meat. There are only 44 breeder companies and 250 hatcheries producing newly born day old chicks in Pakistan.