LAHORE Former Pakistan hockey forward Mumtaz Haider has blamed former federation officials for the decline of the sport and praised the present set of hockey. In an exclusive interview with the Nawa-i-Waqt and The Nation on Tuesday, he praised Asif Bajwa and Qasim Zia for promoting the game . He said her believed that good results would come in the next three to four years. He also asked the government to pay special attention to sports so that a soft image of the country could be developed at the international level. He further said that it was for the first time in the games history that three national teams are functioning at the same time. And if the current officials stayed for another five years they would change the complexion of hockey in the country, he added. He said that the 12th position in the World Cup was not due to the current federation but the players the PHF inherited. The senior players have now a last chance to prove their worth or they should leave the game and open up way for youngsters, he added. On the appointment of a foreign coach, he said that it was the right decision of the federation and said that the former Olympians have been tested time and again but they all failed to give positive results.